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Writer's Block: Going Without

Have you ever fasted or done a cleanse?

Past few days

have been pretty alreet

Benedict's play Traffic was well goooooood :D
all the acting and the stories and ... oo it was all so good !! hahaha
and no i didnt just like it because a certain somebody was in it. >:o katie may be the only person who gets this but good for that

we writing a review, should be brilliant :)


it seems we picked up a lot of new quotes over the past few days


"Who the buggering tits is this?" (Effy's dad (Skins) LOL)
"Indeed lol"
"I agree"
"Indeed lol I agree"
"I agree with this agreeable situation in which we all agree (etc)"
"I haven't actually seen any disabled people in this college."

+ more :D


its sophys party on saturday, at a pizzeria.
this. sounds. AWESOME ! :D cant waiitttt

and no, again, its not because a certain someone might be going, so stfu katie :-]

this is all.


Mission of the week


what a surprise

i didnt get a chance to go see a film (Bolt)

i shall try to this week however


""Over the next week, do more exercise. Pushups + situps every day, walking as much as possible, etc.""

even my mum says i need to do more.


Writer's Block: In a Former Life

Do you believe in reincarnation? If your answer is "yes," describe some of your past lives.
yes i do

i dont know why i do, but i do :)

its about the only thing i do believe in, tho i think the egyptian gods were probably real aswell


i cant describe any past lives
but i think i must have been someone kinda evil/dictatory, because of all the bad things that happen to me all the time :(

just the way it is.

Mission of the week


but in a bad way :(

we went to ask him what was up with it

he said he didnt do nothing

but ashleigh warren had spread rumours

a guy came to stop the argument

but weve kindof ended it all now [well,  im not involved anymore]

sorted things with sophie + alex

its all good

i think


ooo half term, tough one..

## If a good film comes out over half term, go see it with friends/family if necessary ##

i nearly always miss out on watching a film  I want to watch, because noone else ever wants to go/has been already. thats how i missed Wall.E, Harry Potter 4, Bee Movie + lots others.

Aim film - Bolt



Give It A Name 2009


found out whos playing!!!

ENTER SHIKARI - headliners :D :D
+ The Blackout  :D
+ The Academy Is...
+ The King Blues
+ Emery
+ Lights
+ In This Moment

[if we choose this one, i hope we do :) ]

19th April 2009, here we come :D


Bands Ive Seen/am going to see LIVE

i love live music

so heres a list of the bands i have seen LIVE [that i know the names of]

Attack! Attack! - [14/08/08]

Boys Like Girls - [19/10/08]  [25/01/09]

Enter Shikari - [19/04/09]

Fall Out Boy - [19/10/08]  [05/03/09]

Go:Audio - [14/08/08]

Hey Monday - [05/03/09]

Kids In Glass Houses - [05/03/09]

Metro Station - [25/01/09]

The Academy Is... - [19/04/09]

The Blackout - [19/04/09]

The King Blues - [19/04/09]

The Spill Canvas - [08/03/09]

You Me At Six - [19/10/08] 


A List of things to do before im 18

Read the title bitches. :D

ill try to update regularly, but we'll see

1. Get into Winstanley
2. Get at least 2 A's at AS Level FAILED, although i did get 3Bs so I am happy enough :D
3. Get at least 2 A's at A-level
4. Get a job
5. Get a mega great hairstyle and keep it that way
6. Try contact lenses
7. Order and eat something from Subway
8. Host at least 3 parties
9. Go to at least 15 parties [||||| ||||| |]
10. Get completely smashed at at least 1 party
11. Find a favourite alcoholic beverage
12. Have a proper actual relationship with someone for longer than a month
13. Go and watch Fall Out Boy concert [19/10/08]
14. Go and watch a Fall Out Boy concert a second time [5/3/09]
15. Go and watch You Me At Six at least 3 times [19/10/08] [8/3/09] [Paramore]
16. Read Twilight [3/2/09 - borrowed Twilight of Benedict :D][15/02/09-DONE!]
17. Do that thingy
18. Memorise my PIN number
19. Go on holiday with some mateys
20. Make a meal for a group of people with my excellent cooking skills
21. Buy at least 10 items of clothing on one shopping trip
22. Spend the night at somemones
23. Go to a music festival with people [ordered GIAN 2009 19/04/09]
24. Watch 2 films in one go with one ticket
25. Try every type of Jelly Bean from Matt's shop  [FAILED - he shut!!]
26. Hug 10 different friends in one day
27. Learn to play an instrument well [got a guitar + got my keyboard out...]
28. Try out my newly accquired 'chatting up someone on a bus/tube/train' techniques :)
29. Attempt to make friends with that girl with the green hair with madhurima. [6/2/09 - i found shes in my guidance :D]  FAILED, I can't even be arsed anymore :P
30. Write a short children's story. With handrawn pictures :)
31. Watch Angus, Thongs + Perfect Snogging [14/02/09 - Madhurima's movie night :) ]
32. Catch my very own Feebas.
33. Evolve my very own Feebas into a Milotic.
34. Get, or attempt to get, at least one member of You Me At Six's autograph.
35. Put a colour other than brown into my hair.
36. Go into every shop in wigan for longer than 5 minutes, and look at their stuff. FAILED, What was I thinking?
37. Watch Skins series 1 + 2 [in progress]


Writer's Block: Physical Education

Call it gym, P.E., recess, or pure hell, most people have participated in a class at school that focused on games and athletics. What sport or game did you hate the most when you were a kid? What sport or game was your favorite?

i hated games at school.

mainly because of the loud, obnoxious, annoying boys i was forced to spend time with. why did the boys at the deanery rlyrly suck? aha :)

year 7 wasnt too bad after we got sorted into 'ability groups'. i, ofc, was in the bottom one :D.

we played shit-quality football like every week. rugby occasionally. athletics even rarer.

HAHA year 9 when we did athletics - throwing javelins + shotputs + shit. fun.

i hated rugby when i was faced with a giant. but it was fun when i was doing good :D. and in the rain - that was a pretty good games lesson tbh :)

PE wasnt as bad, it was quite fun pratting about on the mats/trampolines. not when we had to impossible shit tho =/.

i enjoyed badminton quite a bit :D cos thats cool :D.


And this ends the journal virginity :O



OK well I was persuaded to get this by this great person I know. :))) 

just gonna say - I will write what I want, what I think about things, what I think about people, and shit like this :) so if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Nosey bastard.


Wellll its Valentine ’s Day sooon, and our brilliant college is doing a Rose thingy, ‘send your love a rose for £1.50’. :D

Me and my great friend thought it'd be cool

So, we agreed to send one :D

Can’t believe we did ahaha Friday will be beltin


But its all fun :D


Bits and Belters


I need a calendar. Ordered 1 from Amazon weyyy :D spongebob

I now have a Twilight :D thanks Benedict, will read that when I can :)

I want to dye my hair over half term – myself this time :S cos the hairdressers is a bit shocking. I’m gonna have get it sorted tho – FLOP HED (N)

Never eat a non ripe banana – RANK

We are in discussions about a festival type tour – FINALLY. 19th April, Manchester Academy. Headliners – ENTER SHIKARI :D :D :D. Gonna get me a Kerrang! Tomorrow and find out who else is playing :D wanna goooo :D

Partays!! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Dates for the Calendar


12th February - PARTAY in BAA BAR, Wigan

14th February [Valentine’s] – Crip’s movie night :D Angus, 40yr old virgin + others

7th March [Birthday!] – Party in WIGAN10pm til 3am xD

4th April – Go:Audio gig / party in WIGAN

19th April – Possible GIAN 2009 festival


Wednesday of the Week


Phrase of the week – ‘Indeed lol’ (courtesy of Melissa Bucket layd)

Song of the week – ‘Shake It’ by Metro Station.

Person of the week – Katie Adams - for suggesting i get this. and being great in general :D 

Skank moment of the week – in that law room, when we’re about to leave.

~~~Me - *turns to open door* *Pulls it open*

~~~It’s a cupboard.

~~~Skanks – LOL marc you retard/special person/silly idiot.

~~~Me – hahaahahahahahaah wtf??


Hahaha good times :’D


Mission for next week – find out if AHM was staring at us, according to Madhurima